How to send text message appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminders allow you to remind clients of upcoming appointments. 

To enable text message appointment reminders, go to Program Settings > Programs > Select the appropriate program > Setup > Enable the setting “Appointments: Send appointment reminders”.

Once enabled, scroll down to the “Appointment Reminders” section where you can customize the reminder.

  • Send Reminders: Schedule the amount of days prior to the appointment to send the reminder using the “Send Reminders” drop-down
  • Replies: Check the box “Confirm or Reschedule Appointments” to allow clients to reply to the reminder
  • Message: Customize the name of the agency associated with the appointment
  • Confirm Reply: Create a confirmation reply for when clients confirm the appointment
  • Reschedule Reply: Create a reschedule reply for when clients need to reschedule the appointment

If you'd like to customize your confirmation and rescheduling messages even more, you can add field codes to those fields! 
To view all your available field codes, to go System Settings > Field Codes.

Appointment reminders will send to the client’s mobile phone. If they do not wish to receive the reminders, check the box “Do not send appt reminders” on their case profile.

When a reminder is sent to a client, it will be recorded in the history of the activity, as well as whether or not the client confirmed or rescheduled the appointment.

To send an immediate reminder, click on “Send SMS Reminder”. Once you click on “Send” it will immediately send the client a reminder of their appointment.

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