Re-Admitting a Case


  • Introduction
  • Explanation and Purpose of Re-Admitting a Case
  • 3 Step Process to Readmit a Case


This article is meant to assist you with readmitting a case that has been discharged. 

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Explanation and Purpose of Re-Admitting a Case

When a child, who was previously in your care, returns, you can re-admit the case, thereby simplifying data entry. Readmitting a case creates a new case.

3 Steps Process to Readmit a Case

Step 1. Access the foster care case you wish to re-admit.

From the Side-Menu in extendedReach, hover over “Case Rosters and click on “All Cases (Open + Closed)”

Image: “Readmit Case: Access”

Click on the name of the case you will be readmitting.

Image: “Readmit Case: Select”

Step 2. Hover over the menu option “Reopen” and click on “Readmit (New Case)”

Image: “Readmit Case: Readmit”

Step 3. Complete the case information and click on “OK”

Image: “Readmit Case: Case Information”