Zoho Reports: Dashboard


  • Introduction
  • Video Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Creating a Dashboard


Zoho Reports (http://reports.zoho.com) is a 3rd party custom report and dashboard builder available as an optional add-on item. If your agency doesn’t currently have this option and you are interested in learning more, please contact sales@extendedreach.com. 

Within Zoho, you have the ability to create many different reports based off of the data that comes from extendedReach. Dashboards are a great way to view all of your charts and tables in one place.

Video Overview

Getting Started

Once you have logged into Zoho, click on the green Create New button and select New Dashboard.

Image: “Create a new dashboard”

Getting Started

To bring your dashboard to life, scroll down the left-side menu and select the custom reports that you would like to display on your dashboard. You can drag and drop the reports to add them to the dashboard.

Image: “Adding reports and charts”

You can also add widgets to your dashboard by clicking on the Widgets button. From there, you can select the data you want your widget to pull from and group that data as well as define the primary values. Click Apply to create your widget; once it has been created you can move the widget to where you want it to be on the dashboard by dragging and dropping.

Image: “Adding widgets”

To add a title or descriptive text, click on the Add Text button. From there, you can also include HTML links, create bulleted lists, and insert images or quick tables.

Image: “Adding text”

Another way to further customize the dashboard is to add images, such as the company logo. To do so, click on the Add Image button and select whether you want to upload the image from your computer or use a URL.

Image: “Adding an image”

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