Publishing a Zoho Dashboard or a Report back to extendedReach


  • Introduction
  • Video Overview
  • Publishing a Report to extendedreach


After you have built a report or dashboard in Zoho Reports, it can be added to the side menu of extendedReach, for easy access by staff members.

Video Overview

Publishing a Report to extendedReach

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Open the report or Dashboard in Zoho Reports

2. Click the Publish icon and select “URL/Permalink for this view”

3. Select “Access without Login” option (using random generated key to create a secure private link)

4. Check “Toolbar” (allows users to export as a pdf)

5. Click the “Edit Private link permissions” to control Read Access/ Export Data/ View Underlying Data (“Change Columns” that are displayed when drill down is used)

6. Right-click on the URL and copy it to your clipboard

7. In extendedReach – go to “System -> System Configuration”, click on the “General Tab”. Make sure the option “System: Hide Custom Side Menu” is unchecked.

8. In extendedReach – go to “System Configuration”, click on the “General Tab”. Scroll to the the bottom “Custom Side Menu” section. Type the title of the report + “|” + paste the link

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