Case Screen: Diagnosis Tab


  • Introduction
  • Diagnosis Tab Layout
  • Psychological Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis Comments


This article is meant to assist you with the Behavioral Portion of the Health Tab in a Case Screen.

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Case Screen: Health Tab Behavioral Layout

Image: Case Screen: Health Tab Behavioral Layout

Psychological Diagnosis

Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for a diagnosis to add to the case file.

Image: Psychological Diagnosis Screen

Image: “Selecting DSM Codes”

Field Name Description
Diagnosis Review Date Date of initial review of the diagnosis
Primary Diagnosis Primary diagnosis of the client
Additional Diagnosis Any additional diagnoses the client may have
Diagnostic Impression Initial thought of what the diagnosis would be
Diagnosis Reviewed By Name of person who review the diagnosis

Diagnosis Comments

Image: “Diagnosis Comments Screen”

Field Name Description
Diagnosis Comments Include any comments about the diagnosis