Configurator (Configuration Compilation)


  • Introduction
  • Confirgurator Access
  • Navigate the Configurator
  • Upload Form Templates


This article is meant to assist you with an overview of the Configurator. The Configurator, is a consolidated list of your agency’s configuration of Program Activity Types, Report Types, and Print Templates. The Configurator allows you to see all of these items in one list and sort them in different ways.

You must be an Agency Administrator to access the “Administration” menu on the left side of your Workspace. 

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Configurator Access

To view the Configurator, go to “Program Settings” and click on “Configurator”.

Image: “Configurator Access Screen”

Navigate the Configurator

Image: “Configurator Action Bar”


Hover over the “Show” button in the action bar, to select how you would like extendedReach to show you your agency’s configuration information.

Image: “Configurator: Show”

Field Name Description
By Checklist Sort by compliance checklist categories
By Name Sort by alphabetical order
By Trigger Sort by creation trigger, (i.e. by Admission, by Placement, etc.)
By Type Sort by type: Activity, Report, or Print
Missing Files Items that should have a Microsoft Word document or other file attachment but do not
Inactive Shows all activities, reports, and print templates that have been marked inactive


Hover over the “Add” button in the action bar, to add a new Program Activity Type, Report Type, or Print Template.

Image: “Configurator: Add”


Image: “Configurator: Columns”

The titles below the action bar across the top of your screen, describe the information you are seeing below each Column Title.

Field Name Description
Total Total indicates the total number in this line
Name The name of the Program Activity Type, Report Type, or Print Template
Type Indicates whether this is an Activity Type, Report Type, or Print Template
Checklist Indicates whether the item is in the compliance checklist
Approval Indicates whether the item requires supervisory approval
Custom Fields Indicates whether the item has custom fields, and if so, how many
Template Type Describes the type of template (File – Codes, File – No Codes, Text, Text + User Attach, or None)
Number of Field Codes Indicates whether the item has field codes, and if so, how many
Available To Indicates if the item is restricted to certain categories of cases
Due/Expires Indicates if the item has due dates or expiration dates
Repeat Every Indicates Template if the item has a repeating due date

Upload Form Templates

You can upload your form templates by doing the following:

  1. Program Settings >Configurator
  2. Click on the “+” to expand the activity/report options for your clients
  3. Click on any of the activity/report links
  4. Click on “Edit”
  5. Click on the “paperclip” icon in the bottom box (top left corner) to attach the form template.
  6. If there is no paperclip, make sure that the “Template Type” is “File – Use Field Codes”.