Adding a User ID


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the User ID
  • Adding a User ID Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Steps to Creating a New User ID


This article is meant to assist you with adding a new staff User ID. 
If you have a question not addressed here, you can search at the bottom of this article in Related Articles or contact support at 

Overview of the User ID

Accessing the extendedReach software system requires a User ID. This is the first step in adding a new hire to the system. An employee would require only a User ID if they need to access the system only. If an employee will be working with cases within the eR system, they will require a staff profile, as well. 

Adding a User ID Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access “Administration” on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Organization Settings” and click on “User IDs”.

Image: “Organization Settings User ID Access Screen”

3 Steps to Creating a New User ID

1. Within User IDs, click on “Add User ID”

If your agency has a Foster Care module and you need staff to be able to access both GCM and Foster Care, you can copy their User ID from the Foster Care module using the “copy From” button.

Image: “User ID Add User Screen”

2. Within the General screen, complete the fields. 

Required fields are highlighted, while optional fields are not.

Image: “User ID General Screen”

User Information

Fill out the required (highlighted) fields in the User Information section. 

Image: “User ID Info Screen”

User Information Description
Last Name Last name of the staff member
First Name First name of the staff member
Middle Initial Staff member’s middle initial
Organization Organization the staff member belongs to.
NOTE: if a staff member needs to be relocated to a new organization, their User ID will need to be deleted and re-created under the correct organization.
Job Title Job title of the staff member
Login Information
Image: “User ID Login Screen”

Login Information Description
E-Mail Address Use the work email address provided to the staff member. This will be the email address used to login to the system
Password and Confirm Password You can create other password rules in Organization Preferences. 
Force Password Change on Next Login This will be checked automatically, so the user selects their own password (instead of your default password) the next time they log in
Send Welcome Email
You can check this, so the user will receive an email with all login instructions.
Create and link Staff Profile You can check this if you would like a linked Staff Profile to be created for this user
Create and link Inbox

Workspace Setup

Role and Display: Designate the Role of user and select the Display you wish the user to view on their Workspace. For more information on the various workspace setups that are available, please review the related articles section below. 

Other Options
Image: “User ID Other Options”

  • Weekly Status Email: Your agency can choose to send weekly emails to varying groups including cases and homes.
  • File Manager : eR Plugin is the default. This is extendedReach’s proprietary software that allows users to edit documents right in the eR database. 
  • Download Folder: This is the location extendedReach temporarily holds your file while you edit it in eR Plugin.

Security Rights

Image: “Security Rights”

Security Rights Description
Group A group with set permissions can be configured and applied to a User ID
Administrator “Administrator” indicates the level of security this user will have. You can either select Full Administrator, Restricted Administrator, or no administrative access
When an asterisk * is next to a navigation permission is allows Organization Wide access 
Miscellaneous Permissions You are also able to adjust “Miscellaneous Permissions” for the user you are adding, if you wish. 
3. Press SAVE to complete Adding a User ID

Once the employee has a User ID, in most situations, you will also need to Add a Staff Profile for that employee.

Image: “User ID Save”

If you selected the Create and link Staff Profile in Step 2 “Login Information” a Staff Profile will be created for this user once you press SAVE.

If you selected the Create and link Inbox in Step 2 “Login Information” an inbox will be created for this user once you press SAVE.