Custom Side Menu


  • Introduction
  • Enable the Custom View
  • Adding Links
  • Adding Folders


This article is meant to assist you with utilizing the Custom Side Menu view. The Custom Side Menu allows for an agency to add external links to their extendedReach system. Oftentimes, the Custom Side Menu is used to share Zoho charts and tables with their staff; however, it can also be used to link to the agencies website, government sites, etc. 

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Enable the Custom View

If you would like to enable this view, go to System Settings > System Configuration > General > and turn off the setting “System: Hide Custom Side Menu”.

Image: Enable Custom View

Adding Links 

Once enabled, scroll down to the Custom Side Menu section.

To add a URL to the side menu, without a folder, using the “Title | URL” formatting.

Image: Adding links to the Custom Side Menu

Image: Links example

Adding Folders

Folders allow you to group multiple links under a single folder, allowing for more organization in the view. 

To add a folder to place the URLs in, use the “Folder Name\ Title | URL” formatting.

Image: Adding folders to the Custom Side Menu

Image: Folders example