Side Menu - Agency Administration


  • Introduction
  • Side Menu Administration Access
  • Organization Billing
  • Organization Settings
  • Program Settings
  • System Settings


This article is meant to assist your agency with the extendedReach Side Menu Administration. extendedReach is organized in a manner that allows you to easily access information with the Side Menu providing “Views” of comprehensive agency-wide data for users. The “Views” in the Side Menu are configured through the Administration section of the Side Menu. Only users with administrative access will be able to see these views. 

If you have a question not addressed here, please contact 

Side Menu Administration Access

Go to “Administration” where you will find Organization Billing, Organization Settings, Program Settings, and System Settings.

Image: “Side Menu Administration Access”

Organization Billing

These views are associated with the the Integrated Accounting add-on. Please contact for more information. 

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Organization Billing”

Field Name Description
Claims: Generate List of claims that are ready to be generated
Claims: Ready to Transmit Generated claims that are ready to be transmitted to the claim clearinghouse
Claims: Transmitted Batches List of claim batches that have been transmitted
Claims: Print List of claims that can be printed
Invoices: Generate List of invoices that are ready to be generated
Invoices: Print List of generated invoices that can be printed
Payments: Undeposited All payments that have not been deposited
Payments: Deposited All payments that have been marked as deposited
Setup: Funding Organizations
Set up and manage funding organization for all organizations
Setup: Insurance Providers
Set up and manage insurance providers for all organizations
Setup: Prepaid Funding
Set up and manage prepaid funding for all organizations

Organization Settings

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Organization Settings”
Field Name Description
Organizations Select Organizations to access all organizations set up for your agency
Click on the organization name to change any organization settings
Export Data
Export data into custom built extendedReach Excel spreadsheets
Field Codes List of all field codes available in extendedReach to auto-populate custom forms, activities, and reports
Import Data Import data into extendedReach
Set up and edit scanner inboxes to email items directly into extendedReach
Staff Profiles Create and view all staff profiles 
User IDs
Create, edit permissions, and view all staff User IDs

Program Settings

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Program Settings”
Field Name Description
Programs Select Programs to access all programs set up for your agency 
Click on the program name to change any program settings
View all activities, reports and print templates
Program Activity Types List of all activity types 
Program Report Types List of all report types
Program Print Templates
List of all print templates
General Activity Types List of all general activity types 
Transfer Accounts List of transfer accounts - can be used to bill other departments

System Settings

Image: “Side Menu Admin: System Settings”
Field Name Description
Audit Log
View all staff activity including last login, recently viewed, and recently created
Codes: CPT Add, edit, and remove all CPT codes
Codes: DSM ICD-9 Add, edit, and remove all DSM ICD-9 codes
Codes: DSM ICD-10 Add, edit, and remove all DSM ICD-10 codes
Codes: Taxonomy Add, edit, and remove all taxonomy codes
Email Alerts
Create email notifications for items completed/submitted/changed in the system
Locks View and remove editing locks that users have in place
Medication Info Add medication information links for specific medications
Posting: Ready to Post Items that are ready to be posted to the agency's accounting system (add-on feature)
Posting: Posted by Batch Items that have been posted to the agency's accounting system (add-on feature)
Posting: Posted AR Balances Posted AR balances to the agency's accounting system (add-on feature)
Posting: Posted PPD Balances Posted prepaid balances by account to the agency's accounting system (add-on feature)
Posting: Do Not Post Items that are not to be posted to the accounting system (add-on feature)
States Lists all of US states and
System Administration IDs List of all system administrator Ids
System Configuration Make changes to your agency's extendedReach system
System Counters Shows what the next case number or invoice number will be
User Groups User groups are to be used in conjunction with User Ids. Create and view User Groups to assign staff to
Zoho Administration Optional Feature - allows access to Zoho Analytics (Reports). If you are interested in this feature, please contact