Case Screen: Financial Tab


  • Introduction
  • Case Screen: Financial Tab Layout
  • Rates and Funding
  • Financial Records
  • Payment
  • Adjustment
  • Statement
  • Authorization
  • Note
  • Account Balance


This article is meant to assist you with the Financial Tab in a Case Screen. Monitor a case's financial activity using the Finanical Tab; you can also add payments, authorizations, and more.  This screen is only available for those who have the Integrated Accounting add-on. If this is something you are interested in, please contact 

Case Screen: Financial Tab Layout

Below is the basic layout of the financial tab. Here you can change the rate levels, funding types, and enter financial records.

Image: “Case Screen: Financial Tab Layout”

Rates and Funding 

To add or edit a funding type, use the drop-down menu to select one of the available options (e.g. Funding Source, Direct, Internal Transfer, Prepaid Funding, etc.). Depending on which funding type you select, an additional drop-down may appear asking to select the type of Funding Source, Prepaid Funding, etc. 

Additional options to enable for specific cases would be to require authorization on all activities, notice to collect the copay and to collect the deductible. 

Image: “Financial Rates/Funding Section”

Financial Records

A complete list of all financial records related to the client. This includes invoices, claims, authorizations, payments, adjustments and more. Click on the hyperlinked description to view more information about the record.

Use the drop-down filter next to "Show" to filter the financial records view. 

Image: “Financial Activity Section”


To add a payment, click on the green "Payment" button.

Image: “Select Payment” 

Fill out the highlighted fields, including payment date, type of payment, check number, and amount. If it is an insurance payment, check the box "Insurance Payment".

Apply the payment to invoices by placing a checkmark next to the invoice number. To view the invoice, click on the hyperlinked invoice number. 

Once you have completed your payment, click on Save or Add Another. 

Image: “Payment Screen”


To add an adjustment, click on the green "Adjustment" button.

Image: “Adjustment"

Adjustments are used to correct invoice amounts. Enter in the adjustment date, use the drop-down menu to enter in the adjustment type, click "apply to" to select the invoice, enter in the amount and a memo. 

Image: “Adjustment: General Screen”


To create a statement, click on the green "Statement" button.

Image: “Statement”

Once you click on the "Statement" button, a pop-up will appear with options you can select to generate the client's statement. To enable options for the statement, place a checkmark in the box next to the option item. To remove a selected option, click on the checkmark (which will remove it). 

To make a copy of the statement save in the case file, click on "Save copy of statement". 

Image: “Statement Creation Screen"

Click on "Create" to create the statement. The statement will then be created as a printable PDF. 

Image: “Statement PDF”


To add an authorization, click on the green "Authorization" button.

Image: “Authorization”

Authorizations received from insurances, prepaid funding, or funding sources can be entered in and applied to activities. Fill out the highlighted yellow fields and click save. 

Image: “Authorization Screen”


To add a note to the client's billing file, click on the green "Note" button.

Image: “Note”

When entering in a note, use the "Note" field and attached any related documents to the Note using the paperclip icon. 

Image: “Note General Screen”

Account Balance

The account balance can be found on the left side of the screen. It includes all unbilled items, aging items, estimated insurance, and balances.

Image: “Account Balance”