Generating and Transmitting Claims


  • Introduction
  • Generating Claims
  • Transmitting Claims
  • Regenerating Claims
  • Making Changes to Transmitted Claims


Enterprise Accounting and claims transmission is an optional add-on item. If your agency doesn’t currently have this option and are interested in learning more, please contact 

Claims generated in extendedReach can be transmitted to the claims clearinghouse of your choice. The clearinghouse will need to be set up and managed by your agency. To set up Enterprise Claims, please contact sales@extendedreach

Generating Claims

To generate your claims, make sure the activities have been posted to your accounting system and invoices have been created, then go to Organization Billing > Claims: Generate. You can generate selected claims by placing a checkmark next to the claim then click on Generate Claims > For Selected. Or you can generate the claims through a specific date by clicking on Generate Claims > Through Date. 

Image: "Generate Claims"

Image: "Generate Claims Options"

If you have a claim that has not generated, check the Billing tab of the activity and see if "Do Not Post Claim" is checked. If it is, uncheck that setting, click Save, then generate the claim. 

Image: "Do not create claim"

Transmitting Claims

Once the claims have been generated they will show in the Organization Billing > Claims: Ready to Transmit view. Click on Select All to transmit all claims then "Transmit Claims" or click on specific claims then "Transmit Claims". 

Image: "Ready to Transmit Claims"

Once the claims are transmitted, they will show in batches under Organization Billing > Claims: Transmitted Batches.

Regenerating Claims

To regenerate a claims batch (which will provide a new batch you can upload to your clearinghouse), go to Organization Billing > Claims: Transmitted Batches > Regenerate Batch. 

When you click on Regenerate Batch, a pop-up will appear prompting for the batch number. Enter in the batch number you want to regenerate then click "Submit". 

Image: "Regenerate Batch"

Once you regenerate the batch, right click on the file and select "Save Link As". Save the batch file to your desktop and then upload to your clearinghouse. 

Image: "Regenerate Batch File"

Making Changes to Transmitted Claims

Once claims have been transmitted to the clearinghouse, the batches cannot be unposted. Any changes that need to be made to the claims will need to be made within your claims clearinghouse.