Processing Payments


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  • Processing Payments
  • View Undeposited Payments
  • View Deposited Payments
  • Unapply a Payment


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Payments are created from the case screen and applied to one or more invoices, reducing the amount due. extendedReach will track the date the payment was deposited and create a deposit slip.

Processing Payments

From the financial tab in a case, click on the green "Payment" button. 

Image: "Create Payment"

Fill out the highlighted fields including the payment date, type of payment, and payment amount. If it is a payment received from insurance, check the box next to "Insurance Payment". Insurance payments will reduce the estimated insurance amount on the account balance. 

Once the initial Payment Information has been filled in, select which invoices the payment will be applied to. Place a checkmark next to the appropriate invoice. The payment boxes will automatically populate with the full invoice amount; this can be manually adjusted as well. 

Image: "Payment Screen"

Click Save once you have entered in all of the payment information. Once the payment is saved, you can print a receipt of the payment or print a credit card slip. 

View Undeposited Payments

All undeposited payments can be viewed under Organization Billing > Payments: Undeposited. In this view, you can print deposit slips and mark payments as deposited.

Image: "Undeposited Payments View"

To mark payments as deposited, either click on "Select All" or manually select individual payments then click on "Mark Deposited". A pop-up will then appear prompting for the deposit date. You will want to make sure the deposit date matches the deposit dates in your accounting system. 

Click on "Ok" once the appropriate date is selected. The payment will then be removed from the Organization Billing > Payments: Undeposited view. 

View Deposited Payments

All deposited payments can be viewed by going to Organization Billing > Payments: Deposited. 

Image: "Deposited Payments View"

Use the + icon to open up specific views or click on "Expand All". In this view, you can group the deposit views and reprint the deposit slips. 

Click on the name of the client to view the payment information. 

Image: "View Deposited Payments"

Unapply a Payment

If a payment was accidentally applied to the wrong invoices, go to the case file's financial tab, and select the related payment. Click on Edit then click on "Unapply All" to the invoices. This will provide a clean slate for you to apply the payment to the correct invoices. 

Image: "Unapply Payment"

Similarly, if a payment was accidentally added as an insurance payment, uncheck the "Insurance Payment" checkbox and click Save. This will update the estimated insurance on the account balance.