Zoho Analytics: Reporting Custom Fields


  • Introduction
  • Identifying the Custom Fields
  • Using Custom Fields in Zoho
  • Adding More Custom Fields to Zoho


Zoho Reports ( http://reports.zoho.com) is a 3rd party custom report and dashboard builder available as an optional add-on item. If your agency doesn’t currently have this option and you are interested in learning more, please contact sales@extendedreach.com. 

Within Zoho, you have the ability to create many different reports based off of the data that comes from extendedReach, this includes custom fields from the Custom Form Builder. 

Identifying the Custom Fields

If you'd like to report on data gathered through the Custom Form Builder, locate the specific report or activity in extendedReach and click on the Custom Tab. 

Each custom field is associated with a number; this number is needed to create your report in Zoho. Make sure you are in Edit mode in extendedReach, and click on one of the custom fields. when you click on a field, the Settings tab on that field will update with the respective field number. 

Image: Field numbers in extendedReach

Using Custom Fields in Zoho

Using the activity example above, let's say you want to report on the field "Provide a brief description of the event", this would be considered  CustomField6 in Zoho. If you want to pull the label "Provide a brief description of the event", this would be CustomFieldLabel6 in Zoho. 

Note:  you will want to ensure there is an ActivityType (or ReportType) filter being used, or it will pull the CustomField6 from all forms. 

Image: Custom Fields in Zoho

Adding More Custom Fields to Zoho

By default, only 10 custom fields will export to Zoho. You can sync up to 95 custom fields to Zoho and to do so, go to System Settings > System Configuration > General. Scroll down to the Zoho section and use the # Custom Fields drop-down to select the number of fields you want to use in Zoho then click Save. 

Once saved, go back to the System Configuration view and send a manual sync to Zoho. 

Image: Add More Custom Fields to Zoho

Image: Manual Sync to Zoho