How to add or change a logo

Showcase your agency’s logo on Web documents, Custom Forms and Word documents!

The logo can be uploaded by an agency administrator under Organization Settings > Organizations > select the organization then click on the Custom tab. In the “Organization Logo” section, use the paperclip icon to upload the logo (or drag and drop the logo into that area).

To replace an existing logo, click on the old logo once, then click on the trash can icon. The old logo will say "Deleted" on it. Upload the new logo and save your changes. This will simultaneously update the logo and remove the old logo. 

Once uploaded, you can use the field code, <OGLOGO> on Word documents and Web documents. This field code will make your uploaded logo appear in that area.

The first image below illustrates an area where you can add the logo field code; the image below it shows how the logo will display on a report web document.