How to set up PayPal payment invoices

Within extendedReach, you have the ability to email PayPal invoices directly to clients. 

To get started, go to Organization Settings > Organizations > click on an organization and then click on the Setup tab. Enable the setting "enable online payments via PayPal"  and "Enable invoice email capability" then scroll down to the PayPal configuration section and place the company email for these payments in that PayPal Email field (the email associated with the company PayPal account).

Once enabled, scroll down to the Invoice Email Configuration section to customize the subject and body of the email to be received by clients. Make sure the text <PAYPAL> is added in the email body, as that is the PayPal activation link. 

When the setup is complete, clients can be individually* invoiced from extendedReach by following the steps below:

  1. Go to an invoice for a client and click on Email Invoice
  2. Enter in the email address of the person to pay for the invoice / press ok (it will automatically populate with the clients email from the General case screen)
  3. The client will get an email with an invoice and a link to pay (if they do not receive the email, have them check their spam / junk / promotions folders)
  4. They click on the link, then they can pay with PayPal

*Note: There is not a way to mass send invoices, they need to be sent individually.