Personal Funds Tracking

Personal funds tracks the balance of one or more "Accounts" for a Case.   Account balances are increased or decreased through a "Deposit" or a "Withdrawal" associated with a Case and an "Account" type.   This feature allows a simple way to track funds, but it does not integrate with the accounting / billing features of extendedReach (in other words - it *does not* integrate with aging, invoices, or posting functionality).   This feature is available to all plan levels (Essential through Enterprise).

After following the setup steps to enable this feature, Personal funds are tracked by designating an Activity Type with a property of "Personal Funds (advanced)" which displays a predetermined set of fields on the Activity screen.

Some other items of note:

  • There are no safeguards that prevent a negative account balance.   
  • There are no requirements that a case have all zero balance accounts to discharge/close the case.  However, when a case is discharged (from foster care) the transactions are moved from a "active case" status to a "discharged case" status - so that all active case balances can be separated from discharged case balances.
  • The Activity Status of the Personal Funds Activity (i.e. Draft"/"Submitted"/"Approved"/"Rejected"/"Completed") - all affect the balance the same way.   Activity Types that the agency doesn't want to affect the balance should be deleted.


Enabling the feature - Program Settings

  1. Go to the "Setup" tab of the Program record, scroll down to the settings list and check the "Program: Track "Personal Funds" through a designated Activity Type" checkbox. 

  2. While still on the Program record "Setup" tab, scroll further down to see a new section for "Personal Funds Account Types".   Enter in the Account Types (1-per-line).  

  3. Save the Program record.   
  4.  Technical Note: The steps you have have just completed, enabled the "Personal Funds" property to be visible on Activity Types within that program and the "Show: Personal Funds" filter to be added to the "Case File" tab for cases within the program.

    Enabling the feature - System Settings

    For the Organization(s) that service the program - you must also enable a system property.  This adds a "Personal Funds" view to the side-menu for user ids associated with that organization.

    1. Go to the "General" tab of the System record (System Settings > System Configuration) and click Edit

    2. In the filter box, type "personal" and check the "System: Show "Personal Funds" under "Casework" in side-menu" checkbox.

    3. Save the System record

Enabling the feature - creating/designating an Activity Type to track Personal Funds

Create a new activity type to track personal funds - you only need 1 activity type per program for all accounts and transaction types (withdrawals/deposits).   You can name the Activity Type whatever you like - but may want to consider something similar to "Personal Funds Transaction" or just "Personal Funds" for easier tracking.

Be sure to enable the configuration option "Personal Funds"


Using the feature

  1. Create the "Personal Funds" activity from the case screen.  (as you would any other activity).
  2. When the activity type appears - the Personal Funds fields appear.  The fields displayed allow you to designate an Account, whether it is a Withdrawal/Deposit, enter a non-negative $ amount, and an optional memo.   (These are predetermined fields, meaning no fields can be added or removed to this section of the activity).

A list of any past transactions within the client's same account also appears as well as a current and running balance.

Fill out required fields and click "Draft" or "Complete" (you could also designate that the Personal Funds require approval however, remember, that activities of any status affect the balance reporting).

3.      After you save, if you look at any existing / saved "Personal Funds" activity in read-mode, the Personal Funds balance history is clickable - allowing you to navigate between transactions.


Reporting - Case File Tab

  1. You can see individual balances by account on the Case File tab by "Show: Personal Funds" on the Case File tab.

All Personal Funds activity types also are included in regular Activity Type reports on the Case File tab and other side-menu views.

Reporting - Side Menu

5 system-wide reports:

  1. by Account (Open)
  2. by Account (Discharged)
  3. by Case Name (Open)
  4. by Case Name (Discharged)
  5. by Month
    1. Gives a summary of all transactions by Account type (regardless of Case status)

Open/Discharged are split so transactions for Discharged cases don't mix-in with Open Cases - since there is no requirement of $0 balances to Discharge cases.