Automatic Logout after Inactivity

Your Agency can set the number of minutes before an automatic logout/timeout will occur to ensure that data is protected if you leave your computer. 

If you are logged in and are not actively using the system, at 4 minutes before being logged out automatically, you will receive a message that your session is about to end. The message reads, "Due to inactivity, and for data security, we'll automatically sign you out" and a countdown shows the remaining minutes and seconds until automatic logout. Any unsaved work will be lost.

To keep from being logged out automatically, move your mouse, touch your laptop touchpad, or click any key on your keyboard. This will reset the system and you will remain logged in until the preset time of inactivity is reached again.

If you are logged out due to inactivity you will see the extendedReach login screen.

Log back in to get the Login Successful screen and close it to continue your work.